Neighborhood space

The building at 509 W. Onondaga is owned by Axiom Church and rather than being used exclusively for church programs and functions it is designed and designated as a Neighborhood Space that provides room for local inhabitants to encounter the presence of community and the presence of Christ.

The 509 building has three distinct interconnected neighborhood pieces:

Neighborhood Renewal

Axiom Church has been pressing into the beautiful and broken issues within our city. The second floor of our Neighborhood Space will be bustling with kind supportive services that tend to refugees and the under-resourced in our area. We envision ESL opportunities, job coaching and tutoring to be offered on the second floor. Most importantly its a space where strangers become friends. We have ongoing partnerships with local advocates and activist who help us develop holistic community, therapeutic care and listening conversation.

Neighborhood Coffee Shop

We have a special passion for the Southwest side of Syracuse where West Street, West Onondaga and South Ave intersect. West Onondaga is a border street where Strathmore (primarily Caucasian) the Westside (primarily Hispanic), the Upper Southside (primarily Black) and the Southwest side (growing refugee resettlement) collide together. Local Roaster, Salt City Coffee is investing in this part of Syracuse with the explicit intention of cultivating a “Third Space” environment. The term Third Space was coined by the sociologist Ray Oldenburg in the early 90s in his book The Great Good Place. Our "first place" is the home, the "second place" is the workplace and a “third place” is an anchor of neighborhood life that facilitates and fosters relational interactions. This space will be hosting neighborhood meetings that pull together residence, social good entrepreneurs, police officers and politicians for greater dialogue. We envision neighborhood block parties hosted in the expansive rear parking lot to weave together neighbors.

Neighborhood Worship Gathering

Axiom Church is network of communities on mission. Started 6 years ago by 4 families, Axiom has grown into a sustainable missional church. Axiom has become a presence for the Kingdom of God in Syracuse. As the coffee shop is closed on Sunday’s, Axiom Church hosts a worship gathering on Sunday mornings that includes singing, preaching and communion. This is an accessible public gathering, in a casual living room type of environment, for both the curious and the committed to see and hear the Good News of Jesus.