Discipleship is the intentional pursuit to follow Jesus while apprenticing with others. The Apostle Paul said "follow me as I follow Christ" so we try create clear pathways for this. Discipleship-Pods are organized relational clusters that meet throughout the week over a cup of coffee, in a home, over a meal, or at a bar, for deeper vulnerability and accountability in following Jesus. The size of the pods are 4 to 5 people. These groups are optional.

We've developed a Discipleship Tool/Process that helps nurture reflection and ignite response around three key questions:  

1. Communion: What is God doing in me? 

2. Co-mission: What is God doing through me? 

3. Community: What is God doing around me?

In the Spirit of mutual submission, we work through these questions together and agree to a next step that conforms to the way of Jesus. Essentially, this is our ongoing response of “repent and believe,” and it’s incredibly transforming.