City Communities are the pulse of life together in Axiom.

These communities have a "large-family-feel" and consist of 20 to 30 people who seek to cultivate a rhythm of life together with the focus of loving their neighborhoods. This is what it means to be the church at Axiom; to be in community, sharing meals, tethering our lives to one another, caring for the needs in our city.

A City Community meets in a home the 2nd and 4th Sunday mornings in a month @ 10am. All of our City Communities come together on the alternating Sunday's for Collective Worship.

Perhaps the defining moment of our life as a church is when we gather around the table for a meal. As God extends his generous hospitality to us through Communion, so we extend it to each other in the sharing of meals as we slow down and learn to be present with one another.

We have City Communities on the

East side and West side of Syracuse.

If you are interested in visiting a City Community email