Our Mission

Axiom Church is not your typical church. We're OK with that. We are less like a corporation and more like a community, less like an institution and more like a family. You won't find a plethora of programs at Axiom but you will find a gathering of people learning how to love one another and love our neighborhoods. We seek to create real belonging for those looking for deeper spiritual meaning while equipping each other to be full-hearted disciples on mission in God's world. We purposely keep it simple so that following Jesus stays central in our life together.

What's with the name?

An Axiom is something whittled down to it's simplest form. It is the essential components of an organism or structure. Our passion and hopes as a church is to focus on the vital, essential elements for being a church living in community, learning to be disciples and loving our neighborhoods. We sense that many churches have picked up a lot of collateral and clutter and we want to embrace the minimalistic beauty of being a simple church sent into the world, armed with God's love.