Leading Community

Our Leadership structure is a mutual team where each member has equal voice at the table. Together, men and woman, discern God's spirit and converse around the direction of Axiom and seek to submit to one another. Their primary calling is not to rule but to serve others in the way of Jesus. 


    Both Aaron and Maria sensed a calling 7 years ago to move into the heart of Syracuse to help start Axiom Church. The Metthe family is passionate about the convergence of social good, renewal and missional presence. Together they started Salt City Coffee which roasts Fair Trade, Earth Friendly Organic Coffee. Recently they opened a neighborhood coffee shop on the Southwest side of Syracuse.

    Aaron and Maria are passionate about interacting with people who are on the fringe of religious circles, or on the outside altogether. They firmly believe in the transformative power of a body of Jesus-followers intentionally working out their salvation in community. 

    Aaron and Maria Lead the East side City Communityaaronmetthe@gmail.com

  • Kelly Esposito

    Kelly  is a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) working in the chemical dependency and mental health fields. She is currently a Therapist in the Outpatient Rehabilitation program at Crouse Hospital Chemical Dependency Treatment Services. She enjoys bringing a trauma informed approach to her patients, incorporating elements from Seeking Safety, as well as practicing vulnerability. 

    She is passionate about discipleship and creating spaces that foster belonging and Jesus-centered identity. Kelly is committed to renewal initiatives that connect Axiom to those struggling with addiction, poverty, and homelessness. 

    Kelly Co-leads the West side City Community> kelesposito@gmail.com

  • THe sieburg family

    Molly and Giles both are passionate about justice, discipleship and the Refugee population in the city of Syracuse. Giles and Molly moved to Syracuse 7 years ago to help start Axiom Church. They both treasure the opportunity to co-labor with others, exploring what it means to be a missional church. Together they serve in the heart of our city as active Social Workers advocating for neglected children. 

    Giles leads our worship spaces at Axiom Church and Molly co-leads Renewal initiatives that move our church into areas of injustice and brokenness.

    Molly and Giles Co-lead the West side City Communitymsieburg89@aol.com


    Dan Jr. and Tonya have served together in ministry for the last 18 years. They have worked along side each other for the last decade in various of churches throughout the Northeast before planting Axiom Church. Dan has a passion for the small seedling Kingdom-communities and serves as a consultant and coach with the missional church planting network The V3 Movement. Dan is also the author of two books Subterranean (Cascade) and The Church as Movement (IVP).

    Tonya is a entrepreneur and artisan. She launched Variya Jewelry 7 years ago and has enjoyed using her love for creating to connect with other creators. Tonya helps co-lead a Renewal Team that discerns and guides Axiom Church into areas of justice in our city.