Our Beliefs

We have four Axiom's Truth, Love, Community and Renewal that guide and shape the culture of our church, 

For additional exploration into our beliefs check out our doctrinal template.

  • Truth

    “Truth is a story of a King partnering with humanity

    to heal the world”

    The story of humanity starts with God purposely creating us to work along side the Father, Son and Spirit, serving, caring for and cultivating the world. Under God’s generous and gracious leadership, humanity is intended to bless the world on their behalf. But Satan, the enemy of this world spreads the lie that “God is not good, his rule is oppressive and that his love cannot be trusted fully.” To this day we continue to buy that lie and heartache enters our ongoing world through our choices.

    But we believe God has not abandoned his human project to decay. God loves what he makes and so he will not give up on it.

    We are convinced all our good and honorable longings for this life find ultimate fulfillment in Jesus who mysteriously is God in the flesh. Through submitting our everyday lives to King Jesus we can again partner with God, be secure in his love and work towards reconciling with each other. We compelled by this epic story; living under the Kingship of Jesus called into love, peace, sacrifice, wisdom and selflessness in the world.

  • Love

    “Love is the ultimate change that pours out of our lives”

    Too many use the word “holiness” to mean restraining from alcohol or cursing or from immoral behavior — so that the word has gathered for itself only moral prohibitions. In the Bible when Jesus is asked by very religious people how to be holy; he shocks them in his response. Jesus summarizes holiness down to the two commandments of loving God and loving others. But love does not obliterate holiness; genuine holiness is love on fire. The Jesus kind of love is a holy love. 

    Holy love is a light that uncovers who we really are and transforms us from the inside. The New Testament states that "love fulfills God's entire will for us" (Rom 13). If we have not love... we have nothing! Healthy love does not come naturally for any of us, so we make it a constant point of work within our community. Love compels us to address the stuff that flows out of us; are we angry, unforgiving, arrogant, gossipy, selfish, judgmental, vain, controlling, defensive or manipulative. Following Jesus is more than a moral code to keep, it's renovation of our hearts to move from selfishness to selfless love in the world.. 

  • community

    "Community is the belonging we wrap our lives around"

    Quite a few people see the concept of church in similar ways as going to a shopping mall or to a movie; people park their car, enter the building, attend a service for one hour, get the information they want presented in the way they want it and get back in the car. At Axiom we are convinced this actually leads to isolation and consumerism; this was not the vision Jesus had when He birthed the church.  

    God has hard-wired a truth deep within us from the very start; it is not good for us to be alone (Gen 2). We’re designed not only to belong to others but to be our most alive there. Church is to be a stirred-together community of people following Jesus, sharing meals, challenging each other, laughing with each other, being transparent with each other, caring for each other and serving our neighborhoods together. 

    Community beckons us to gather around tables and sit a little closer to each other than we normally would. Gathering around tables mold our stubborn bodies and stuffed schedules into a circle of togetherness. Something sacred occurs as we commit to coming together, as meals are more than food, they are social occasions that represent friendship and a shared-life forming. Food is central to the Christian identity of who we are, how we relate to God and how we relate to the story of God’s love for us. 

  • Renewal

    “Renewal is planting seeds of hope in our neighborhoods”

    Jesus has established that God is deeply committed to extending renewal to those that fall between the cracks in our world. God’s passion for caring for the poor, welcoming the lonely and defending the weak saturates the pages of the Bible.  

    But renewal is not to make its way through fixing people from a place of superiority. Instead Jesus compares His way to that of a small seed (Matthew 13). A seedling is planted with carefulness. Extending renewal is not to be done with ego, fanfare and manipulation. Instead it is to be done quietly, intentionally and because of love. At Axiom we are always seeking to plant seeds of renewal in our neighborhoods through faithful presence.  We believe our first orientation for renewal should be our very neighborhoods. Jesus spent 30 years in the Nazareth neighborhood. This is the first place God invites us to gain eyes to see and ears to hear his kingdom breaking into world.